Blue Canyon is a name synonymous with product excellence.

Our textile ranges are produced to an elite standard expected by our discerning wholesalers and retailers.

From organic towels and bath sets to mats and kitchen textiles, we provide retailers with an illustrious selection tailored to suit individual customers. Within the range, our Blue Canyon brand is the hallmark of innovative design and unrivalled value.

As a designer, manufacturer and distributor of our own range, Blue Canyon can conceive and produce products to suit customers’ unique specifications across the world. Service delivery is our core belief. This ethos runs across our entire operation from our offices and professional design team based in Edinburgh.

Blue Canyon takes particular pride in its Blue Canyon range. We strive for perfection. Already premium products, the range is continually improved and extended to provide customers with extravagant textile options.

Production Facilities

Producing premium quality textiles depends on sophisticated and up to date manufacturing equipment. For our Blue Canyon brand and other ranges we work closely with our customers to manufacture products that meet their exacting standards.

Our fully integrated manufacturing process includes in house weaving, dying, stitching, printing and embroidery; these processes are complimented by the latest technologies required for towel and bath set manufacture. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with European and Japanese machinery.

Each production stage is strictly controlled by our highly skilled and professional workforce in order to achieve a perfect textile group.

Our total production capacity is 15-17 tonnes per day.

Preparation and Weaving

  • Warping and Sizing machines (2006 Model) from Benninger (Switzerland)
  • 24 Terry Air Jet Looms 300cm width (2006 Model) from Dornier (Germany)


Fully automated High Temperature Terry Dying Machines, called Ecomaster (2006 Model) from Theis (Germany)

  • Dying capacity of 15-17 tonnes per day.
  • A fully automated dying system will be able to process consistent dye lots with optimal chemical, water and time saving.


Fully Automatic Continuous drying-finishing range especially for towels (2006 Model) from Anglada (Spain)

  • Capacity of 18-20 tonnes per day.
  • This fully automatic finishing line will help to produce soft and highly absorbent towels.


  • Fully automatic stitching machines especially for towels (2006 Model) fron Infinity, Kindai and Barudan (Japan).
  • Fully automated slitting machine is from Infinity.
  • Fully automated side hemming machine is from Kindai.
  • Fully automated cross hemming machine is from Barudan.
  • These fully automated machines provide consistent quality and standardised products.

Power Generation

We have our own power generation for uninterrupted power throughout the year. We have procured Gas Turbine Engines from Solar (Switzerland) to generate 3.5mW of energy to cater to our present and future needs. This technical expertise has been utilised to optimise the full potential of Gas Turbine by using co-generation to produce 15 tonnes of steam (with duct burners) for dyeing and finishing operatons.


The factory also has a reverse osmosis plant. This will help preserve the environment and minimise water wastage.